Motors Vibrating



Hello community,

I have the 2.8 rov, I tested it in a pool and it seemed I had a gluing problem and it leaked. however, after it dried up and I tried to use it again, the motor on the left (when you look from the back, with the green wires), do not function and they vibrate violently in their places in a very small degree of rotation.

No wires that are connected directly to the motor are cut or damaged, is there any way for me to fix this? or should I buy a new motor?

after the incident, the rov’s respond to my laptop is rather slower, does this hae anything to do with the motor problem?

Any help will be appreciated very much, thank you.


Since you have indicated that you had pool water enter the WTC, the water may have damaged one or more of the ESCs. The symptoms that you are describing sound more like a damaged/defective ESC rather than a bad motor.
Also, the slower response times might be indicative of other damaged components on the Controller Board which could be causing the ESC not work properly.



Thank you good sire for your help I appreciate it, but could you elaborate more on that ESC? I don’t quite understand it, I know that you mean the big board that is attached to the BBB board and everything else, but do you think that the solution would be buying a new one? or can it be fixed?

this is the link to the board, this is what you mean right?
the three components on the board, is there a way to change or fix them?

Thank you again sir,


Hi Mirko,
The motor symptoms that you have described are indicative of either a malfunctioning ESC or a corrupted PWM signal coming from the Arduino 2560 Mega on the Controller Board that you have identified in your post above.

Did the Controller Board get wet when water entered the WTC? If so, the dissolved chemicals in the pool water might have damaged the Arduino 2560 processor on the Controller Board or the water might have gotten into the shrink sleeving on one of the ESCs causing damage to its circuitry.

To me, the symptoms sound more like the ESC is okay, but the PWM signal being sent to the ESC from the Arduino 2560 process may be being degraded in some way.

Have you thoroughly cleaned the Controller Board area that got wet with at least either 91% alcohol or distilled water to ensure that the board is not contaminated?