Motors Shut Off When Turning


Whenever I try to turn my ROV left or right it shuts off. This was temporarily fixed be removing the batteries and putting them back in. I know the new recommended batteries do not have the circuit protection which should solve the problem, in fact I ordered them for Christmas, however I have never had this problem before with the old batteries. This confused me for a while until I realized the motors were rusting. Could this be the root of my problem, since the motors resistance to movement demands more amperage from the batteries causing them to shut off or could it just be a software or electrical problem?

I saw Zach's Forum on Rust Protection but is it too late for my rusted motors since they are already rusted? Would the best solution be to replace the motors, protect them and add the new batteries?

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What kind of batteries are you using?
My similar problem was bad quality batteries.

but of course..increased motor resistance to movement demands more amperage from the batteries



The batteries I am currently using are the Trust Fire Lithium Ion Batteries that were recommended for ROV versions 2.5 and below.


You might want to first update your ROV software to the latest build, if you haven't done that recently. Some of the older builds (I can't remember whether it was in the final 2.5.0 build) would drive the motors at high power when turning, to try to offset the effects of cable drag. If you were using the old Trustfire batteries, however, this would cause their protection circuits to trip. When we realized that this was happening, we modified the turning software to use a lower throttle setting.

So if you haven't updated your software in a while, that might be a easier and cheaper solution than buying new batteries.




I have the same problem on my OpenROV 2.6 using the TrustFire Lithium Ion Batteries.
The ROV is up to date with the latest Software.

I hope there is a solution…