Motors jammed, again!

This is very helpful. Thanks so much. I am having trouble getting the housing off the motors. Any chance you have a video of the process of dissembling the motors?

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been very radio silent here on the forums for a long time, but I wanted to chime in and say I’ve been following this thread and have been looking for solutions to the sticking motor problem many Trident owners are having. Although Sofar isn’t able to continue production and sales of Trident ROVs or parts (like motors), I’ve been talking with the original manufacturer of the motors to see if I can get them to re-produce the motors as their own product. No promises yet, but I wanted to gauge interest if I could make that happen. I’m not doing this as part of Sofar, but rather it’s something that I’d love to see happen since the motors seem to be one of the only things keeping Tridents from continuing to be usable. It’s amazing to see how much this community has stuck together even though the company is no longer doing ROV stuff and I’d like to help out however I can.

FYI, from all the information I’ve gathered, it seems that the main reason these motors are failing is because the coating on the magnets was changed in the main production batch to a metal that has a galvanic reaction with the inner sheath of the motor bell, and that causes the magnets to rust and swell until they push against the stator which causes it to cease. The latest version of the motor addressed this issue, but not many motors with this fix were made before overall production was stopped.

I’m not sure how much help I’ll actually be able to offer here, but I’ll try my best. Thank you to everyone here who has kept the spirit of what we’ve aimed for at OpenROV alive.


Hi Eric. Thanks for your message. Yes! Absolutely. It would be great if parts including motors are re-produced. I for one (and I’m sure many others in the OpenRoV community) would be interested (and grateful). The Trident has been a valuable tool for some of my organization’s underwater projects and its a shame that we are unable to use it anymore. Please keep the OpenRoV spirit alive!

Thanks for the feedback, Sam. I’ll try my best!


Hi Eric. I’m trying to sell my Trident, and potential buyers are concerned about the motor issues. Is there any way of checking to see if my Trident is affected without starting it up? Are there any warranty options available anymore? Thanks!

Hey @kdshock777 If you can physically spin each of the motors (or propellers) with your hand and there is not too much resistance (or you can break it free of its resistance) then everything is fine.

Unfortunately there is no warranty coverage for Trident anymore.


Thanks for the update. We have a “stuck” motor at the moment and we would be VERY interested in buying a few to have on hand if this gets going! Please keep us updated!

Austin Happel, Ph.D.
Research Biologist – Urban Freshwaters
Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research
John G. Shedd Aquarium
1200 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL, 60605
t: 312.692.2724

Thank you Eric and others.

YES…I am interested in obtaining some spare Trident motors.

What do you require us to do to help make this a possibility. I have one Trident with a stuck motor and I would like to have a couple spares.

I am also looking for some advice in relation to replacement topside modules. I have one that appears to be faulty. Does anyone in the community have an old topside module that they no longer need?

Kind regards

@pforperry Here’s some folks who have posted about damaged / flooded Tridents and some mentioned parting them out. If they aren’t following the forum anymore, maybe you could ping them with the @ name.

John_Stager epley tiphinaqtuq bearkiter

I have a spare TSAP, but I also have a working Trident. So, for now I don’t now want to risk ending up in your boat. But keep in touch if you haven’t found one.

Since you ‘wrote the book’ on post dive motor maintenance, could you use Gen1 motors? They’ve only been in fresh water and are manually spinning ok.

Are there any shipping restrictions to ‘down under’? What would be the best method from the states?

G’day webhoppery,

Thanks for the reply and yes, I could certainly use some old Gen 1 motors…any motors are better than no motors. There are no restrictions on sending motors down under, we can arrange shipment off-line.

As a quick update to my previous workflow, I am now using semi-durable aviation grade anti-corrosion spray to protect the magnets from water. This stuff seems to last a bit longer than WD-40 and it is just as easy to apply. I still open the motors after every dive to make sure they are dried properly and free from corrosion…it takes me less than 10 minutes to do all three motors (but I often have a coffee break half way and finish my 10 minute job the next day hahaha)

Oh, and merry Christmas.

Kind regards

@pforperry Off-line contact - I’m on gmail with the same user name.

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy to say that after a lot of coordinating with numerous manufacturers we used while Trident was in production, our original Trident motor manufacture, X-TEAM, has been able to re-produce the Trident motor and has listed it in their store. Here’s the link:

X-TEAM has been amazing in their willingness to work with me to make this happen. Tracking down all the externally sourced materials and specs and getting all our previous part vendors coordinated took a lot of effort, but I hope it will help the many Trident owners out there with good ROVs aside from motors that have seized to keep their vehicals operational.

You’ll notice that these motors don’t come with propellers, which is because those molds and our method of sourcing the propellers has been harder to get going again, but my hope is that people will be able to remove their old propellers from stuck motors to place on the new systems. I’ll continue trying to find ways to make propellers available as well, but I wanted to announce the motor availability as soon as possible.

I am very grateful that so many people in this community have continued to help one-another with advice and ideas even after Trident has stopped being supported, and I hope this new option will help keep these original democratized ROVs exploring.

Thank you to everyone who’s kept the spirit of this project alive.


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Thanks Eric,

This is great news.

I will be sure to support these guys with an order in the very near future (there are a couple of operators here in Australia that need new motors).

Kind regards

Thanks for taking the time to arrange this Eric!

FYI, the bugs with X-Teams webpage for the motors should have now been repaired, so if you were having trouble purchasing motors on the site before you should be able to now. Please let me know if anyone has any further issues!

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FYI, I’ve also now uploaded the motor installation instructions we use to send out with replacement kits to the OpenROV GitHub page. You can find that here: GitHub - OpenROV/Trident-Development-Kit: This folder contains information useful for interfacing external designs with the Trident ROV

Hi @Eric_Stackpole , I am interested in a bulk order of these motors to use in a small custom ROV we designed for an educational program however they are pretty expensive. I tried to send message to X-Team using both the website messaging option and an email to: but neither worked. The email got returned back and the website said it had an error.

Do you have an alternative way to reach X-Team and do you think they would be willing to give me a bulk order discount for at least 60pcs?

Thank you!

Hi @stephen . I just spoke with the people at X-Team and that email should be working now. If you still have issues, let me know.


Hi @Eric_Stackpole,
I‘ll try to get in contact with x-Team, but web side and Email Adresse doesn‘t work. Also on contact:, they didn‘t answer.

@Eric_Stackpole I’m having difficulty ordering these motors from x-team. I have called, written emails to and and tried to use the chat feature on their website. Any suggestions on how to contact them? When I am able to get items into my cart, there is no credit card option that doesn’t produce an error code. We have 6 tridents and are in desperate need of the motors & shafts.