Motors jammed, again!

After merging with Sofar, where can I find support for the Trident? My replacement motors got jammed, so I need a new set…

G’day allolas,

You can email or call them on +1 (415) 230-2299 to discuss replacement motors.

I have replaced a couple of motors so I am now very careful to make sure the motors in my Tridents are clean and dry after every dive. I have found that removing the rear motor covers and running all of the motors in fresh water for a couple of minutes before I leave the dive site helps. I then use a cotton rag and compressed air in a can to really dry the hull and motors well. apply a small amount of water dispersant spray such as WD-40 to the motor housings where they join the fixed part of the motors. I also check them every couple of weeks if I am not diving. Lastly, I put dessicant pouches in the hard cases if I need to store them for more than a month.

I can send you some more information including photos of where to apply the WD-40 if needed.