Motors don't move


I connected my openrov and I uploaded the firmware succesfully to the arduino I restarted the rov then I opened the cockpit but I can't move the motors and the servo.

Help me. What is going on?



Have the motors ever run for you or is this the first time? Do the lights work? Also, sometimes after an Arduino upload you do have to power cycle the entire ROV to get things up and running again.

You can get a peek in to what is going on by ssh'ing to the ROV and viewing the /var/logs/openrov.log file.




I had a similar problem the other day and it turned out to be a corrupted SD card. My symptoms were:

no motor,servo,light,led control. I.e the commands from the cockpit were not being executed by the arduino.

The arduino was operating and the firmrware was successfully loaded.

So... i checked the openrov error log and saw that there was a serial communication driver script error as indicarted in the uploaded file.

I rewrote the sd card and all works well now.

628-logfileopenrov4.25.2014noarduinoresponse.txt (2.41 KB)