Motor Wire


Hello. I'm working on version 2.6. I was on step 9 and was desoldering the old cables from the motor when I accidentally broke one of the magnet wires. I'm attaching a picture so you can see. It's just the one wire, but I'm not sure if I need to try to repair it, leave it alone/don't worry about it, or replace the motor. I used my multimeter to test conductivity on the good motors and the broken wire one. It still seems to have a conductive path like the good motors. Since the wires are all twisted together at the lead wire, I'm guessing that it's okay that one wire is broken, but I might have more resistance due to the broken connection. Is there another test I can do before moving on to the next step?

I'm not sure how I would hook-up a battery to the wires to test the functionality. It looks like I could use anything under 11 volts, but I wouldn't want to burn it out not hooking it up properly. I also don't know which wires to use; it's got three wires so it doesn't seem as simple as power and ground.

Thanks for the help in advance.


Unless you can unwind 1turn of that broken wire and re solder it back together and varnish it to give it some insulation then you are best to replace it.

I suspect the motor may work but if it stops on the dead coil it may not start.


Understood. Thank you.