Motor testing


I got my motor wires mixed up. How can i test them before I solder to the connector. I read some place it dosent matter but I still want to determine which is the vert.


Disconnect the plug from the controllerboard. Then, when you turn the motor manually, you can measure an alternating current on the pins of the connector. The best way would be using an oscilloscope.


I was seeking something more simple. Like just derterming the ground and then touch leads to a battery. Question... is the ground lead attached to the motor chassie? I could measure resistance there. I have not soldered the 25 pin connector yet. Just wanted to not have to redo

I do not have a scope and I don't think I could see anything on my meter


This motors are not working with DC. The ESC is generating a rotary current for feeding the motor, so you don't have a ground lead. The motor is not working without an ESC. ESC and motor always is one unit and are only working together.


It is only necessary to know the 3 leads of each motor. the direction of turning can be adjusted in the cockpit.


Thank so much. I followed your first suggestion and could see the pulse on my meter. Thanks again. Always learning