Motor snap rings - save / re-use?


Is there any need to save and re-use the snap rings that are removed to disassemble the thruster motors?


I actually broke some of mine when I took them off, and so didn't bother to replace them, but I definitely wonder what others have done. Additionally, has anyone found an effective way to get them off (without breaking them)?


I usually pry them off with needle nose pliers and just throw them away. I can't think of any reason to keep them, so destroying them in the process seems fine.


Thanks for the advice and the prompt reply!


Thanks for the advice and the prompt reply!


I guess the only reason would be if you wanted to make sure the propeller didn't pull off in the water, but it doesn't seem like they generate that much thrust. And it's very useful to be able to pull them off when you want, I've found.


It seems like it would make it much easier to rinse salt/silt out…