Motor Reliability and Replacement Schedule


Hello All,

How reliable have you found the motors when run in salt water. We are in the middle of the build and wondering whether we should plan for replacement of the motors on a routine basis. If so, we will likely try to have another soldered joint in the control wiring that we can desolder and put in a replacement motor that has already had the leads removed and the new wiring and heatshrink/hot glue modification done to it.




Hi Jon,

So far, I've been running mine in the salt waters of Bermuda and I haven't had any problems as yet (~10-15hrs of underwater time). Prior to leaving, I spray a silicone water-resistant lubricant on the windings and on the bearings and let it dry overnight. I'm very religious on rising the entire ROV and the motors with fresh water when I get home. Following the fresh water rinse, I use compressed air to blow off the water and then I spray the windings again with the silicone lubricant until the next dive.

I've only noticed a very slight rust on one of the motors, but it is nothing significant. No significant performance degradation on the bearings either.