Motor Problems


I may have screwed the pooch this time. Earlier I posted that I could not remove the bell from one of my motors. Ultimately I succeeded but it took a great deal of force and some ViceGrips. I proceeded with the build.

Now I am at the point in the build where I want to replace the bells and I notice a problem. The difficult motor came apart differently than the other two, I had not noticed it until now. Some central core piece came off with the bell (in the attached photos, the motor and bell on the left is the normal one and the motor and bell on the right is the one with my "modification."

I have not been able to fit the bell back onto the motor on the right. Probably the force that removed it has to be applied to replace it, and that may not be possible.

So, does anyone have any advice on replacing the bell? More to the point, does anyone with more experience know whether I have just broken the motor and need to replace the whole unit? It would be a major hassle to replace the motor at this point, but almost impossible if I proceed much further.

Insights welcome.


383-photo1.JPG (595 KB) 384-photo2.JPG (1020 KB)


Ah. Now that I see the photos, the problem motor and bell are in the bottom of the photos, not the left.


It looks like you pulled your bearing out with your shaft. Is that what you are seeing there?
Can you zoom in on that piece in a photo?

Also can you remove the bearing itself and place it back where it goes?? If so just remove the bearing from the shaft and relocate it. Or just remove the bearing and buy a new one if it’s been damaged.

But for how cheap these motors are just buy a new one.


Yes, your bearing is there on your bell shaft. You can pull it off and put it back in the motor and it should be fine.