Motor pin breaks


One of the motor pins (or plugs? I really don’t know how to call them) on my trident ROV has break, as you can see below.

Since I don’t have any new motor left. I was wondering if it’s possible to fix it by myself. Obviously I’m not an expert on doing such repair, but I would love to hear some suggestions from you guys.

Thanks in advance


I think a new pin can be made from brass or bronze, with a lathe and solder on the wire afterwards.

You maybe have to glue it to the plastic.

Have you asked if you can buy a new motor from Sofar ?
Trident Motor Replacement Kit – Sofar Ocean Technologies

If you can’t find someone who can make the new pin for you, then maybe I can help you, I have a lathe.

But I live in Norway.

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They are standard pins. measure the size and look on digikey or mouser for pins of that dimension. Solder them to the lead. There’s nothing magical about the pins. There is no need to lathe new pins. :slight_smile:


Hi again

I take a look at my motor spare kit, and the pins have very small diameter, nearly impossible to use a lathe to make a new one.

Jim_N says that it standard pins, but not easy to solder and mount it, it’s glued…

Have you tried to get new motor from Sofar Ocean Technologies ?


Hi, apparently they are currently out of new motors for now, but anyway I’ll take a closer look at the pins and see what I can do with it.

Thank you guys for the helps

G’day miles6510,

Where are you based?

If you have not already repaired your plug, I have an old motor that is completely destroyed however it has a good plug on it that might be of use to you (you will have to cut your plug off the wires and solder the replacement plug onto the wires and then waterproof the connection).

I am based in Brisbane, Australia…

Kind regards