Motor of trident

My name is Reinaldo Briones,
how do you remove the shaft from the Trident engines? I want to clean that part.
Also could you tell me the dimensions of the bearings you use?
After two dives and a month without use, the engines were stuck rusty inside. I managed to clean them and now they rotate but the bearings are not smooth.
I had thought about changing them for Teflon bushings, would it be possible?
But I don’t want to disassemble them without knowing the measurements and buying the spare parts.

Reinaldo from Easter Island

G’day Reinaldo,

I am considering a similar conversion/refurbishment for my own motors however I have not yet needed to make this conversion…I am down to the last couple of motors.

I assume you have removed the housings from the motors to clean them (by separating the rotor and stator after removing the small clip). Beyond this, I don’t think the shafts are meant to be removed from the motor housings (they appear to be pressed tight and/or permanently bonded to the housings (I destroyed one of my motors attempting to remove the shaft).

The use of a teflon or similar bushes has merit.

Kind regards