Motor failure (bearings)


This weekend I went to "fly" OpenROV 241 in a pond and could not get it to go straight, it would only turn in circles. My left motor had a 'clank' noise and it was not the prop hitting the motor housing. You could turn the prop by hand and at a certain spot the shaft would shift to the side. I removed the motor and you could see the shaft shifting left and right as you turned it. Taking the motor apart, which is a challenge, the front bearing was shot. The rotor (magnets) were hitting on the stator. You could see a shiny spot on each part making the noise.

Has anyone replaced the bearings in the motors? And if so where did they buy them? Or are we just replacing the motors?

The way the motors are mounted and how the wires are hooked up this is not a fast fix.

I have probably 22 to 25 dives in only fresh water (pond, test tank, lake).

A 2nd motor shows the same problem and needs replacing.

Any ideas?


1185-motorapart.JPG (266 KB)


Hi John

I just bought 6 of the motors to use in my ROV and I was thinking about replacing the bearings with these:

they are stainless and ceramic which should take care of the issue of rusting.

the bearings should be easy to replace, I have done this with my other motors. I just got 6 new ones (the ones you are using) and when I removed the c clip on the bottom of one the bearing almost fell out on it's own. Yours may be a little harder to get out because of the corrosion so they may need a little encouragement :)




thanks! I ordered some