Motor Discount


I don't know how your luck will go but I had this happen twice. First a week ago I had the link for the motor's open in my browser.

I was doing other work and after about 5 minutes an overlay came on that said. "one time only, put this in your shopping cart for a discount." So I did. HobbyKing was giving a $.50 discount per item. I didn't order at that time but when I ordered today, I popped the window open and left it sit while I did some other things. After a few minutes the popup showed up and I ordered with the same discount. Now, this was prior to my creating an account at hobby king so if you have done that already it may not work.

Good Luck!


Cool It works! It didnt show up for me, had to make sure was logged out and on a browser that never had the popup. Once you get the deal you can update the qty if you get the 3. I did this for the ESC too. Just make sure you are in the warehouse that matches your country, or else it'll take longer to get and possibly cost more