Motor Control Issues- Runs Continuously



I have the latest image from github, I successfully uploaded the latest arduino code, I can see the full cockpit and all of the data, but when I turn on my ESC with the switch and it is plugged into A, it runs continuously, no matter what inputs I send.

Any ideas why my motor runs continuously and does not respond to input?




Did you calibrate the ESCs using the diagnostic page in the cockpit? The instructions are are at the end of the wiki page on programming the ESCs ( Also it sounds like you are already isolating one ESC, but I think that if you have all three connected they aren't going to respond correctly until they are all calibrated.



Yes I did and I even just re did it. Currently I am just testing with one motor and have it plugged into the Port motors place.

Now I do not even see that 1 motor is plugged in and it turns itself on and off but not in response to the commands I send it.