Motor Connections


Hello everyone, I am having a lot of trouble connecting the magnet wire on the motor to the longer leads of wire in the v2.5 kit. Since the magnet wire's length is very small, soldering both the wires is very difficult. Is there a certain way I should be doing this? After some success I tested the continuity with my multimeter and it showed no connection. Then I tested magnet wire by itself and it still showed no connection. I am not sure if the problem is my multimeter or if magnet wire can not be tested for continuity. I would also like to know if there is a way I can test that the motors are working before heat shrinking the connection.




Hey Sam,

The only part of the magnet wire you'll be able to solder too is the very end of each wire that has solder on it. Although the wires look exposed, they're actually insulated with an enamel which keeps the strands from shorting with one-another (and also is what allows the motor to be run in seawater without shorting out). If you don't have enough exposed conductor on any of the magnet wire leads, you can use a medium/fine sand paper to remove more of the enamel coating (some enamel coatings come off with heat, but not the kind on these motors).

As for continuity testing, you won't get perfect conduction between any of the three leads. Instead, you should expect something like 0.1 to 0.5 ohms of resistance, which may not be sufficient to trigger the tone on your continuity meter. Instead, you'll just have to look for the right value with the ohm meter part of your DMM.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Eric, this helps a lot.