More V2.6 parts



I would really like to be able to buy new acrylic parts for the ROV.

Especially the main tube for the electronics. It is veeery easy to get damages to the inner surface and the outer side to.

The same about the battery tubes.

Tom-Vidar Salangli



This would be very helpful.

I'm still missing one part from the original kit ... OpenROV said they would ship it but I think they forgot (this was 2 weeks ago now). I've asked about it again.

And as I glue these parts together I keep thinking I'm going to make a mistake and need new parts to try again ...


I have found that contacting Erik or David directly usually results in replacement/spare parts quite easily. They have been both prompt and generous.

That said I would love a place on the e-store to just purchase additional stuff. For one I want to make some additional shorter tubes for unplugging the battery packs, but I need more battery compartment end caps.


I agree


The people have spoken! We've been planning to do this, but we'll make it a higher priority. Meanwhile: if you are missing anything, or something broke, email and we'll get it out.