Mooring search with Trident

What’s the story behind this? Where was this located?

This was in White Lake near Whitehall, Michigan.
My 4th time out flying my Trident. I was very happy with the results. I’m still learning and having trouble relating with the direction indicator. Need practice.

Copy that, about the orientation. It’s takes practice to get into the rov and start building a mental map. Very hard. Best solution is to plan the dive and dive the plan as we say in the SCUBA community. That way, spatial info is easier to map in you head. I learned this the hard way diving a wreck in poor vis and almost lost my kit, lol.

How do you get the ROV to depth? 10 to 15ft. isn’t bad. I can’t see doing 50 or deeper just on the motors. To unpredictable where it ends up. I see some have used a milk crate with weight and a rope to take it down, then pull the crate off once at depth. ??

Thanks for the input.


Hi John,

I built a prototype tether management system. Like the milk crate ideas you’ve seen. It drops down vertically and I drive the rov out from that. Check this topic for some base details:


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