Monthly Expedition Day


Here’s my report for MED March 16:

We went to Lake Zell (location) and i was extremely happy with the visibility of the water - probably my best dive so far vision-wise. It was created during the last ice age and mainly sources from the surrounding glaciers and the melting snow.

We made our very first try with a mounted GoPro, but we underestimated the impact on maneuverability. We simply mounted it asymmetrically on the top of the ROV, which led to unacceptable diving behavior. I will have closer look at the variety of mounting solutions here on the forum :slight_smile:. The footage however is amazing and great step forward from using the built in video stream!

We found a variety of interesting things, a lot of trash (sadly) and a big fish. Give your photoshop skills a try and reveal the nature of this object with its barcode (challenge!).

Overall it was a very successful dive and we had great time! Visibility is key!

How deep can we go at altitude?

Hey guys, who else is interested in reviving this project for the new year? We could look for a MED on March Sunday 26th (or maybe in April depending on your local weather)?.

Right now i am still upgrading my wire less tether system and hope that i get it working within the next month. I am thinking about trying to dive at a big artificial lake in a bigger city nearby. Thus it is only a couple of meters deep, usually those lakes have a lot of interesting things inside.


Thank you @Fe3C for bringing this back to the top of the forum. I would love to be a part of this!


Perhaps we should MED in April 2018. There will be lots and lots of Tridents oot & aboot just itching for an excuse to fly. :smiley: