Monthly Expedition Day


We would love to join in, in Scotland. Trouble is, we can barely stand up in the lashing rain and gale force 10 winds, every single day! No chance of using a laptop, it would last 5 minutes.
Good luck, we’ll join you in May.


Okay, to add people to the MED on openexplorer I need the email address you use to login to openexplorer.
You can post your email address here or send them to me at:
Then I should be able to add you. Then you will be able to pay to the MED expedition. Hooray!


I did mean the 27-28th yes.


Darcy, can you give me a quick guide on how the process is with OE, can we all start our own explorations and link them somehow? Or will we put it all together?


Here’s a quick article that breaks down the OpenExplorer process (thanks @erika_bergman)! People can be added as “collaborators” to an expedition and each write their own posts. For example: You can also add links to your posts if you wanted to create a separate expedition and refer to another page.


Here is the link to the Expedition:

Fe3C you are already a collaborator so you can post as you see fit. :D.

Who all are participating this Weekend?


I’m out, viz is terrible right now even if I was going to go out. Feel free to use the pictures/video we shot from last week.

I’ll be trying again on the 27th to locate the Dive bomber.


@Darcy_Paulin was this this weekend or next weekend?


It is scheduled for next weekend, sunday 28th. We however have pretty bad weather over here with non stop rain, I hope it will be clear next sunday. I have already selected a nearby lake!

Thanks for your advice, I will update the expedition soon.


oh ya! Next weekend. I was mixed up on what day it was. oops!
And here I was rushing around to go out this evening. heh


The weather is precluding me from heading out this weekend and the underwater viz dropped back down to 5-10ft. The search for the bomber will have to wait for another weekend. Best of luck to everyone else’s expeditions!

Wanting to get started with ROV's, advice requested

My expedition was a light test. I wanted to see how far an ROV could see, if an area was lit by say, another ROV.

As you can (not) see visibility was low. There were waves which stirred up the sediment.
I will wait for calm for the next attempt.

My ROV is still out of commission from last MED when it stopped working due to the vert motor shorting.

How did it go for others?


hello all ,I am late with my postings from expedition day on February, a lot of interesting finds


Great expeditions @Darcy_Paulin and @jimmy! Any idea what the vertical rod was at 2:05?



Really have to say that I do like your build some nice concepts in there as well as being nicely laid out


Hi all ,thanks @Kevin_K and @Scott_W for yours post
Kevin ,at 2:05 Im not idea what it is, but looks a chair leg at 3:15 appears a bottle and small cup ,unfortunately my tether make a lot drag sinking at the floor of river and the rocks not leave me to fly free all around ( upgrade neutral buoyancy tether is necessary ) .
Scott_W ,Thanks , yes this laid out work amazing,very stable and robust the motor have power to maintain stability if you see in the video and listen carefully you will see , I will say unfortunate wen you go down the head, pitch down very fast but if slow the power (2) ,then go down very well,
thanks everybody, All OpenRov staff
I working in next movie to share to all,


Great work, guys! I am glad everything worked well. Sorry, for the delay (exams). Here is my short report:

We went diving at a lake nearby that is belongs to swamp area of the city’s river (location). Not the most exiting location, but we wanted to test the new tether management system (now equipped with a slipring adapter for unrolling during dive operation). Under water we did not find anything too exiting. As proof take this picture of what we assume to be a tree stump.

This is a video from the new tether system. The slipring occasionally caused small disconnections, but it worked surprisingly well. The tenda adapters handle this extremely well. I feel that the lag sometimes was a bit higher. Great work, OpenROV-Team!

Finally we took a quadrocopter with us, that helped after we completely lost the ROV. It also took a nice overview of the dive side (see the ROV with the cable). If anyone is interested in more aerial footage, I am happy to share more of it.


That is a great shot of the ROV with tether stretched out to shore.
I didn’t see it until I clicked on the picture. :).

I am really glad so many of us made it out this month. I should have my ROV working again for the March MED. I will be aiming for deep water again.

Should we make it a week early this month? Or is the Easter weekend good?


Great job of the multiple vehicles @Fe3C! Glad to see your equipment setup coming together.

@Darcy_Paulin I’ll be heading out March 19th-20th. I’m not 100% sure where we’re going just yet as it depends on the weather (as always). If it’s moderate, I’ll be close to the coast, if the seas are good, I’ll be heading over to Catalina Island for the weekend. Finally get some clear water.


I will be heading to Austria for a (late) skiing holiday and of course I will take the ROV with me. I hope to find some alpine lakes that are worth diving. If I remember correctly, some members of the community live near Lake Constance. I would love to go on a dive together. Give me a notification if you are interested?