Monthly Expedition Day


Let’s do this! Bay area expeditions abound!


Hey everyone! Jaime and I just did an expedition in Lake Meritt today, post to come soon. I’m thinking we need to resurrect the MED, how does the 24th sound for this month?


Sounds good!
I just put it in my date book!


In my calendar as well!


6 days until MED.


I am planning a dive too! Hopefully even under a frozen lake!


With the next MED being tomorrow (!!!), I’m curious to see where everyone is planning to go/do.

For SoCal, I have small craft and high surf advisories through Sunday for the ocean, so I’m restricted to doing something on lake. I was planning on heading over to Lake Miramar and diving off one of the fishing piers. I intend to test “the beast” in something deeper than the OpenROV HQ swimming pool. I’m not sure what the visibility will be, but I’ll have my GoPro attached.


Corey and I are MEDing right now!
Sadly we are having connection issues.


We had some lunch.

Then sorted out the connection issues. Hooray. Highlights to follow


Oh my god, that looks sooo good! … “An expedition without dessert is an expedition not worth having”…


We were diving at an harbor/waiting area near a lock see google maps. Despite the slightly rainy weather, the current and the lack of dessert, we had a good time! There were some ice pieces (brrr :snowflake: ) left, that got stuck in the cable from time to time.

Some interesting snaps include a barbecue

and a mysterious box. We were trying to investigate its nature when the next boat crossed and we quickly withdrew to shore ! How did your dives work out?


Now you have to find out what’s in the box @Fe3C!

So I drove out to one of the docks on Lake Miramar, and before I could even get in the water, I got swarmed with kids. How does the rule go for OpenROV and kids again? Anyway, my pilots for the afternoon. (they let me drive after their mom drug them off) :slightly_smiling:

Visability was garbage here too, as the below picture indicates, but we did see a trout and I got the ROV down to 6.7m with no leaks. Success for me. I’ll scour my GoPro footage tonight to see if there was anything interesting I missed.


That is the link to the video.

2 mysterious Boxes. . .

A Filter?

A traffic Pylon.

there was a traffic cone as well but the pic was blurry.


@jimmy, @Manyu_Belani, @Margaret_Sinsky, and I all went out on an expedition today as well to look at the area around a bridge. Had 3 robots and did 5 dives in total. Going through video right now and will post more shortly.


Looks fantastic, I am very impressed by the educational approach of @Kevin_K, @Darcy_Paulin amazing cockpit software (anywhere available?) and the OpenROV fleet of @Brian_Grau. Looking forward to more footage!


This is the link to where you can get the HUD I was using. :D.


Wow, great footage from Expedition Day!

  • I hope to be at the next February day, ready for ice free diving!
  • great Camera HUD…will try this evening
  • nice modified ROVs Darcy & kevin… that will be my next step… some day…:wink:

Keep on going!



I am a little late with my postings from our expedition last weekend.

See the entire expedition on OpenExplorer:

Here is the video from Dive 1 (@jimmy) and Dive 2 (@Manyu_Belani):

Here is the video from Dive 3 (@Brian_Grau ROV but with everyone piloting):

The visibility was not great and the External Light Cubes really proved how useful they can be.

Looking forward to February’s Monthly Expedition Day already!


How do you all feel about weekend of the 28/29th for Feb MED?


@Brian_Grau Great videos! I need to start taking more footage on the surface.

@Darcy_Paulin The 29th is a Monday. Did you mean 27-28 Feb? I’ll see what I can manage. I have a 4 day weekend 12-15 Feb, so if the sea has calmed down a bit, I might do combined side scan and ROV OPS with a friend. I plan on returning to the A.C.E. shipwreck I tried a few months ago, but I have some new tech and I’ll be changing up the set-up on my support vessel.

Did you want to start a combined OpenExplorer log and just add us all in? I think we have enough momentum now.