Monthly Expedition Day


I propose we make the first Sunday of Every month an Expedition Day.
Individually or in groups, we go out and use our ROVs.
Expeditions can be as simple or complex as the participants wish.
It would give a set date and reason, to implement any mods/add-ons/changes.
Videos would obviously be posted on and a video collage could be made each month with the notable moments from the various videos. An expedition for Monthly Expedition Day (or what ever we wanted to call it) could be set up to host the collage videos that were added each time. (the same expedition with videos added each month)

Sunday August 2nd 2015 would be the first opportunity. Though that is 2 weeks from now and therefore short notice, I propose we go for it.

OpenROV HQ could schedule hangouts shortly after each day so we could discuss how things went and what we might do to improve things for next time.

Any one interested?

Any improvements or suggestions?


I love the idea, I’ll try and set up something similar in Spain. For me it will have to be in September though. Maybe we should have an anual worldwide OpenROV expedition day too?


I’m in. My suggestion would be that first weekend though. I usually get more done offshore on Saturday than I do Sunday. I’ll have to get creative on those weekends I can’t take the boat out.


I wonder if there is a month of the year with generally fair weather everywhere. :).


Saturday or Sunday can work for me, only I imagined people being more jealous of their Saturdays. :wink:


September? In norther Europe there’s still a higg probability of nice weather, and here in Spain it’s still summertime. Not sure about some tropical areas though…


That’s cool. I’m in. I love seeing photos and videos from other expeditions.


I’m down for an expedition in the bay area!


This coming Sunday is MED! I don’t see any reason expeditions from Saturday should be excluded so get your batteries charged, your tethers fastened and get out there this weekend! The sea monsters are waiting!


So I’ll be coming back from my survey course on Catalina Island tomorrow, so I may or may not get a chance to do an expedition.

If I do, I will head down to Mission Bay in San Diego and be testing the following:

  1. OpenROV #1790
  2. Saltwater testing of R-3312 Flotation Foam
  3. Saltwater testing of IMU 2.0
  4. Switch to Logitech C920 for primary camera


I am going to retrieve that pistol/Lighter.
I have (re)added beam lights to the ROV which I was hoping to test, but my boat is not available right now so i will be ROVing from the shore and it will not be dark.

There is always next time!

Any other brave declarations to be made?


To be added to the MED Expedition in , I need your login name! Message it to me and I will add you. (Hooray!)

To message, click on my name at the top of this post. On the page it opens, click message. :D.


I haven’t posted my Expedition yet as I ran into difficulty with a few things and ultimately was unable to launch. I was hoping that some one else would have a good Expedition and we could lead with that, but I have not heard from any one else yet.

Perhaps picking one day is too specific. Instead we could make the first Sunday the cut-off day for each month’s video montage instead. I suggest we give it another try at the beginning of September and if it is still not exciting enough, try a modification.

I am open to opinion/suggestions! :).
My trouble, ultimately, was that my wifi would not work and my laptop has no wired Ethernet. I didn’t have my usual gear available as my inflatable boat was in the shop. Poor me. :D.

September 6 is the next MED! Mark it on your calendar.

Along with all the trouble I also had success. That umbrella is pure win!


I got in later than I thought I would from my trip and never had a chance to go out and test anything. I also want to do some more pool tests before I do anything in the saltwater. But alas! The end of the semester for me is next week, so I should be able to get some more progress done.

My schedule is a bit irregular with homework and such, so these MED’s might be more along the lines of equipment testing days for me more than anything else.


So its a week late, but here was my expedition in Mission Bay. The water was really murky and I was pretty much driving by compass the whole time, but it worked like a champ.


That is a spiffy spool you have there!


Note to all ROVers. Sept 6 is our next MED. So get your joints soldered n sealed, your SD image updated and a third thing ready! Just over two weeks left. :D.


Thanks @Darcy_Paulin, it’s a carry over from my old 2.6 build and since upgraded with the neutrally buoyant tether and Seacon wet connectors: Off-the-Shelf Tether Management System


I am in for anyone in the Atlantic City New Jersey area. Have a 25 foot steiger to work from as a platform.


Not sure what everyone else is planning for next weekend, but I’m planning on heading out to the A.C.E. shipwreck off Dana Point, CA on Friday afternoon.

I’ll put up more information this week in my OpenExplorer page, but here’s a picture of the A.C.E. before she sank in a storm in 2005. As far as I know, no ROV has been on the wreck and it’s been some time since divers have been on it as well.