Modify 2.4 chassis


Due to the inability of camera movement on #017 I decided to modify the 2.4 chassis

New tilt camera system on , with new modified plate to sink the BBW within the plate, also change the cam plate, add a small 9g servo and sink lights, add one plate similar to BBW to put on ESCs,

camera and light plate complete chassis

paint job

complete #017

ESCs plate

work very good on my #017 also with new Openrov stable software, Thanks David and Erick !


Hi Jimmy:

I think this is awesome! Come by the lab some day once you have this completed- it would be great to see it running in the test tank!



Hi Walt,

thanks, I'll try to be on Fridays, I have no pool to test, I will ask permission to test in the pool,
sorry for the bad pint , but it was a very cold day when I paint.



Openrov #017