Misc questions from a new user


Just completed the build and need a little help:

1. Are there any links to suggestions on driving/flying the ROV? The ROV floats in the water with the front end tipped up about 20°. How do I correct this? Did I build something wrong or do people sometimes hang weights off the front threaded rod to get it to a level plane?

2. I was surprised by the control layout. The left arrow was forward, right was reverse, I think up was a starboard turn and down a left turn. I guess I expected up to be forward, left port turn, right starboard turn, and down reverse. Is there a way to remap these keys or should I just get use to the way it is?

3. If I plug an Xbox controller into my Mac, will Cockpit automatically recognize commands from that controller or do I have to toggle something to switch between keyboard and controller?

4. The only real problem I had during the first launch was that the "Capture" feature didn't seem to work in Cockpit. The button is just under the video screen but did not seem to be selectable. What should I try next? Does it take video or pictures? How do I record each?

5. With fully charged 26650 batteries, approximately how long should I be able to use the ROV?




1. They build it positive buoyant so you can hang payloads. A few weights will get the buoyancy right :)

2. I had the same issue. I used the port and cloud 9 to edit one of the configuration files.

user: rov

Pass: OpenRov

Browse to src/static/js/keypad.js

These settings did it for me:

var KEYS = {
32: { // space (all-stop)
command: 'stop'
39: { // up (forward) actuall right originally 38
command: 'command',
position: 'throttle',
value: 1
37: { // down (aft - reverse) actually left originally 40
command: 'command',
position: 'throttle',
value: -1
40: { // left (turn left) actually reverse originally 37
command: 'command',
position: 'yaw',
value: -1
38: { // right (turn right) actually forawrd, originally 39
command: 'command',
position: 'yaw',
value: 1
16: { // shift (lift up)
command: 'command',
position: 'lift',

3. No idea, sorry :)

4. There are still minor bugs in the current release. I think they are working on an update. You can record video with VLC.


a. View/Advanced Controls

b. Tools/Preferences/Input&Codecs/ "Record directory or filename" Change to desktop

c. With ROV on - Media/Open Network Stream

d. as network url

e. Hit the record button :)

5. I get 4 - 5 hours easy.



Just a quick question David, Cloud9 is that a software package or does it
appear automatically when connecting to

Sorry if this is a stupid question... ;-)



I'm sorry to be slow about this, but how do I access the VLC?

I adjusted controls as you suggested - thanks! But I still can't start the capture wheterh I'm using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. How do I get to the VLC?


Hi Ryan

VLC is a program which you can install on your laptop - it isn't part of the ROV. You can get it here: VLC

Also, the cockpit should automatically recognise the xbox controller. I have v2.4 and it works there - I assume it still works unless it has been broken in later software


Hi Ryan:

Too bad I didn't see your post when it originally came out. A bunch of us were down in the Sea of Cortez flying ROVs at the time.

The reason that you had the problem with the keyboard mapping (Issue #2) is that one of your motors was spinning backwards- in this case I think it was the right one. With 3-phase brushless motors, the motor will spin one way or the other depending upon how you have the wires attached. Since in the assembly process we don't keep track of how the 3 wires are arranged, there is a software tool in the cockpit settings to allow you to individually reverse the direction of each motor. I'm not at my ROV now, but I believe that right by the calibration slider for each ESC/motor, there's a little check box to reverse the direction of that particular motor.

So no keyboard remapping is necessary.

I'll send out a letter to get this put into the Dozuki instructions.