Minimun pool size to show OpenROV in a science exhibition


Dear all,

My name is Francisco from Spain. I am oceanographer and I use to work with underwater vehicles. I am planning to take part with my university in several Science Fair to introduce kids to the underwater vehicles and it could be great if I could show OpenROV working and they can controlled it a little. The problem is that we need a pool to show it but there isn’t any at the places where the fair is going to be held and we are not able to fill of water a big one.

I will like to ask to the community if someone has some experienced about the minimum size of the pool or if we can use, for example, an 100 L aquarium. I know that it’s quite small, but at least we can show it moving a little.




Here’s a video of Eric flying an OpenROV in DeepTrekker’s 200 gallon tank at Oceans13 a couple years back. This is probably the smallest size I would consider using:


Thanks a lot forthe video, it has helped me a lot.