Minimum Laptop specs


We've just finished our OpenROV 2.5 build and are keen for our first swim.

On the bench, I can connect to the openrov cockpit via my desktop machine (reasonable specs: 2.8 GHz I7 intel core running Linux Mint 13) with little video lag. But if I try any of the machines I might consider taking to the beach (a low powered netbook, screen + raspberry pi) there is a near complete video freeze and the controls are unresponsive/unusable.

It looks like I'm going to have to get a "new" (second-hand) laptop. I'm keen to minimize the amount I invest in a machine I'm going to be using in hostile environments. What are the minimum (and recommended) specs for a laptop that will run the openrov cockpit?

I see from the previous post that there are some improvements in the dev version of the software that should make it less CPU intensive. What would be recommended specs for that build?

We're also keen to come up with a scheme where we could launch the openrov from our sea kayaks. Has anyone tried this? What would be a good laptop or alternative system for this?



Hi Eleanor,

Great to hear that you finished your build.

I'm afraid, I think we don't really have a 'minimal specs' for the topside laptop. As the UI is written in JavaScript it needs a bit of power on the topside.

I guess a laptop with about 2 GHz, Dual core and about 2 to 4 GB RAM should do the trick.