Mines and Mysteries


Recently I became involved with a series of expeditions to lost colonial mines and caves in the northeast. We’re currently using my OpenROV to explore the flooded section in search of artifacts. The water in the mines is low in oxygen, so there is not much bacteria in the water. Due to this we hope to find organic artifact that usually would have decayed by now. In the near future we hope to up our game with an upgrade to the new Trident ROV.

Here you can see the teaser for a documentary of our explorations of mines & caves where we deploy the OpenROV.

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This is fantastic! Good luck!


Incredible! This really brings me back to the feeling of exploring the Hall City Cave with the first very early OpenROV designs. I can’t wait to learn more about your adventure!



Thanks @Jim_N The expedition/documentary is the idea of fellow explorer and friend Mike Sandone. Its an exciting project to be involved in.


Thanks for the positive words @Eric_Stackpole ! I remember when I first read about OpenROV, and your exploring of the flooded section of Hall City Cave. I’m a longtime caver, so I was living vicariously through your adventure. It is what inspired me to work harder at pushing the boundaries of where I can explore.

We’ve got some new tools we’re developing to use along side our ROV. We’re still in the proof of concept stage, but feel confident. We’ll keep everyone posted on our progress via the forum and OpenExplorer.



Now you’ve inspired me. I’ll be out in western PA this weekend. I used to spelunk the Laurel Caverns decades ago. Now I need to go back and check about submerged sections, LOL.