Middle School Robotics Team help

We are 414 Robotics, a First Lego League team from the Milwaukee area. Our team consists of kids of middle school age. This year, our theme is “City Shaper,” which is about improving the quality of communities. Our team thought of making a water cleaning underwater ROV. It will be remotely operated through a videogame like application.

We are looking for people knowledgeable in underwater UAVs and are interested in talking about our project with you. We would be pleased if you could be of assistance,

Thank you for helping!
Kaleb Villareal
414 Robotics

Hi @kalebv2008

I am not local to you, but have a thought. Have you looked at the international MATE ROV competition which has been running for many years? It is similar to First Lego League, but dedicated to ROV’s.

You might be able to hook up with the student-teacher communities that are involved. This year the Wisconsin regional will be co-ordinated by Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, perhaps they can put you in contact with local groups. See:


MATE has teams from Elementary, Middle and High Schools, as well as colleges and Uni’s, competing in various classes of ROV’s. MATE competitions have run for many years so you should be able to contact local establishments from previous years who have built up experience over the years. You can also find plenty of videos from the regional events and finals from previous years.

The main MATE site has details of different ROV class kits, resources and various contacts, technical reports and specs from each team plus links to video on YouTube, Twitch etc. They have a great team of regional volunteers.


With technology perhaps someone would at least be willing to do a Skype talk :slight_smile: Good luck.