Method for waterproofing connectors using rapid prototyping & silicon molds


Check out my how-to manual for potting water-proof pressure capable connectors using 3-D printing & silicon molding techniques! Let me know what you think!



Wow, very nice work and clear documentation! I'm really interested as to what potting compounds you use, and what type of multi-pin connector is that? I'm wondering how easy it would be able to utilize this technique to make DIY wet-connect "sub-conn" like connectors.


Thanks. I did this project a few years ago and cannot remember what type of encapsulation was used or even what type of connector was chosen. However, the process of 3-D printing a plug and pouring a silicon mold would lend itself to making DIY wet-mate "sub-conn" like connectors in almost any shape. I imagine one could even design a cable strain relief into the mold.