Metal Detection



I am new to the OpenROV project and was wondering if there is a add-on one can use to detect metal


The OpenROV has an add on called the IMU which has an inbuilt “full performance geomagnetic sensor” among with other sensors. I’m not sure but I think this could potentially detect large pieces of ferrous metals??? The magnetic fields from the motors interfere with the magnetic sensor so it only runs when the motors are off. You would need to write a plugin or modify the source code to achieve this.

There are also commercially made underwater metal detectors you could add as a payload, for a unit that is waterproof to 100m (same depth as OpenROV) you can expect to pay about $1700 or approximately double the cost of the ROV.


An ROV based metal detector is definitely on several of our “to do lists”: We have a discussion here with pictures and things that “might” work:


I’m making a pulse induction metal detector for my ROV. I plan on putting led lights in front of ROV so I can monitor detector while scanning targets. The Surf PI 1.2 pulse induction metal detector seems to be the best detector for searching for gold in salt water environment. The kits are low cost, less than $100 and simple to build. I’m planning on having the coil slug under the ROV by about a foot or so.



Can you post a link to the kit that you’re referring to? Thanks.



I have mine on order from silverdog in the UK. Here is the link to the page that has all the info about the surf PI


Looks like a good place to start to me. Let us know how you get the LED indicators to work and I’ll probably follow suit.


I found a link for people who are deaf and hook up LEDs instead of head sets to metal detectors. Should work if I can find the link.


It would be really easy electronic to replace any audio by leds signals!


Yes very simple and then put the lights in a place so one can monitor through the camera. I think it will work if not it’s a low cost experiment and if it does not work will modify for use on the beach as a hand held unit.


What about this metal detector?
What’s the difference between these two equipment?


A metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Different metal detectors work in various different ways, but here’s the science behind one of the simpler kinds. read more