Medialink adapdter alternative for the uk?


Hi folks,

I'm heading up a team building an ROV at Bangor University in Wales, and we have come across another issue with the BOM.

It calls for the Medialink home internet adapter, but it is impossible to buy this in the uk, or have it shipped over from the states, as it is not compliant with UK electrical regulations.

Has anyone successfully built the ROV in the UK? and if so what did you use for the ethernet connection?



Hi Matt:

Maybe you've tried this already, but.....

The Medialink product is actually just a rebranded unit from Tenda. The Homeplug adapters we currently ship from the kits all come from Tenda now. Perhaps if you did a search for products in the UK by Tenda, you'll find something.



Thanks Walt, but it’s a little more complicated than that I fear, the ones you shop with the kits will be 110v, whereas over on this side of the Atlantic we use 240v! This has other implications for UK and eu builders as the boards are bigger overall to accommodate the larger components, meaning the topside adapter box needs to be re designed. I should also point out that the BOM specifies all of the acrylic and petg parts in imperial sizes, which you cannot buy in the UK or eu, and the available metric sizes do not fit very well with the Acrylic parts which are cut to the imperial measurements in the drawing files! Ok, rant over :wink:


OK, I'll swallow my pride and admit I'm wrong, Tenda do supply them in the UK!

but there is still an issue with the end caps for the tubes being specced for imperial tubes not fitting onto our metric ones!