Measuring distances/spatial orientation


I have built an ROV in the past (2 versions). Unfortunately I have shelved the project because blah blah blah...

Has anyone ever tried to use 2 side- or top-mounted lasers, angled slightly inwards? This might be a good way to orient the ROV in space, relative to objects in front of it. Maybe you could also add some kind of on-screen ruler display so that real distances can be measured.


Exactly! We've included space to mount lasers 200mm apart above the LEDs. Would be a very easy add on. Here's some we were testing...




Exactly parallel lasers are a common measuring device in remote video. The spots are x inches apart however far they are from the camera or how the camera is set.


Give green lasers a try. Though a bit more expensive, they should have a longer range under water than red. Wanted to mod a Kinect to use green laser diodes instead of IR for underwater 3d scan, but another day…