Measuring Continuity


Hello All,

Full disclosure, electrical work is completely new to me. In step 61, how is continuity measured? I realize it will take multimeter (correct?), but how specificaly is it done? Is this only for the battery ports?



Hi Charlie

Continuity measurement is done by just sending a small amount of current through a wire, resistor or components to see if it gets from point A to Point B and measures the amount of resistance it encounters along the way. If you get 0 ohms that means it is a short as in what a piece of wire would measure. If there is infinite measurement it means it is open, in simple terms the wire is broken. If there is a measurement of something in between that depending on what you are trying to measure it needs to be interpreted. In the case of a piece of wire it could mean there is a bad solder joint, connector crimp or partially broken wire.

Hope this helps.


Thanks David. How is it measured specifically in step 61? I believe in earlier steps i have already noted polarity in the battery ports. Does it matter which order the motor wires are solderd to the connector in their respective blocks?


The order of the wires to each motor does not matter as this can be corrected in the Cockpit Diagnostics. It does mater though that each group of three wires go to the correct motor from the DB25 connector eg. pins 1,2,3 must go to the port motor but it does not mater in which order they are connected to the motor. Pins 11,12,13 go to the starboard motor. this is where you can use the ohm meter to test from the db25 connector pins to find which wire on the ouside of the ROV is connected to that pin.