MBARI Open House Event


A few weekends ago we were privileged enough to attend the MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) Open House. We had a pool with 25 different plastic life forms that people had two minutes to try to find and identify, using only an OpenROV. The record for the most species found and identified was 14!

We had a wide range of pilots give the mission a try.

It was amazing to see how quickly everyone was able to pick up the controls and instinctively know how to fly the vehicle.

Our OpenROV even had a chance to meet some of its much larger friends including Doc Ricketts! It was fantastic to see how much underwater technology there is out there and all the amazing work that MBARI is currently doing.

We would like to especially thank Paul McGill from MBARI for his support throughout the day, and giving us the opportunity to attend the event!