Matupi Harbor


On the island of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea, near the Tavurvur and Vulcan volcanoes, in approximately 10 meters of water, lie some of the shallowest hydrothermal vents in the world. What makes these vents special, compared to other shallow water vents, is that they're not only geologically related, but physically close to deep-sea vents in the Bismark Sea, which means there is the potential for shared biodiversity between shallow and deep vents. Of course, the the heat coming out of these vents means that divers won't be going anywhere near them, and the proximity to shoreline keeps the big vessels needed to handle large research ROV's at a distance.

Sounds like the perfect place to put the OpenROV through her extremeophile science trials.


Wow! I wrote this post more than 2 years ago. Amy, Erika, Dominik, and I are flying to New Guinea this Wednesday. Not quite Matupi Harbor, but only a few dozen kilometers away.