I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter about the Internet about people using MATLAB language to build things like Arduino sonar and bathymetric equipment. If anybody knows how to program with MATLAB, I was thinking we could build and program our own scientific instruments. So if anybody knows how to program in this language, we should start some dialogue about using this tool to advance the ROV project.



I think that's a great idea! The scientific, academic, and engineering communities all use MATLAB extensively, so any way we could make stuff on the ROV compatible with it would make it easier for those people using and OpenROV to do their work.



There is also a free software project which can run most MATLAB programs -

MATLAB is a fairly expensive product to license worth it if that's what you do for a living.

There are good tutorials for Octave if you want to explore.

As we get to higher level software - autonomous operation, navigation, etc. this type of sw becomes very useful. In tethered mode we can also run Octave on the laptop and send comands to the ROV.