MATE ROV Competition Rules

Hi, this is Subaquatic Solutions a MATE ROV Competition team from Chicago Illinois. We are having problems with a USB to CAT6 data system which has made it difficult to control our ROV because of the delay involving the converters. We have been looking at potentially adding a separate USB cable for our Arduino which has a completely separate power supply. But the question that has come up is wether or not it is legal to have a USB data cable that is powered by the computer if the Arduino is powered by the pool side box?

What competition level are you entering? On quick review, competition classes all seem to require power to ROV originating from the poolside box.
But you are running an Arduino board properly powered via your main tether. Can’t you claim that as your source for USB power?
You should pose these issues to the MATE forum/faq.

Other experts here may have ideas for workarounds - alternate powering of USB e.g. from the ROV (allowed)

  • or how to address your CAT6 data lag issue.

If it helps, I’m reasonably sure the USB spec does not require using power from the computer for signal transmission. I have audio gear that excludes computer power and sources 5v from the receiver. Just not sure how.

What a great project! Good luck to all of you.

As a point of information, OpenROV 2.x series used parts from these Powerline adapters at USB → Cable → ROV interfaces.

Newer versions are much faster,(500 mbps).

OpenROV Topside Adapter Board 2.6/OpenROV Topside Interface 2.6 Schematic.pdf

Thank you for replying! we are entering in the Ranger competition. We will try adding another USB, to see if that fixes the problem.