MATE: Monterey Bay Regionals 2016 - a few photos


I thought I’d post a few photos from the MATE ROV competition which took place last Saturday in Aptos. 60 teams took part with the top two Ranger teams going on to compete in the international competition later the year. It was fantastic to witness the amazing work done by these kids.


If anyone would like to see some more photos from my team that attended, feel free to have a look in my Google Drive folder. The competition was a great experience as always and I would recommend it to anyone in the Middle School to High School range of age. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add a few more pictures from the competition this weekend. I was doing mission judging for one of the Ranger stations.

Always fun to see the OpenROV IMU on ROVs!

OpenROV electronics used for the control.

View of the different props in the pool.

Check out the great beanies worn by this team!

Always fun to talk with people from industry and see how things are going with their much larger ROVs.