Marks Motors Part Deux


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to post an update on the waterproofing of the ROV motors. I left off the last blog post showing Mark's 3d printed PVA molds and how we used them to encase the motors in epoxy. So since the last post, I soaked the motors in water to dissolve the molds away from the parts leaving the motors encased in a thick layer of solid epoxy. Today we took the motors and set them up on a mini-lathe and removed the excess material. I have attached an album of various photos from the job if anyone is interested. Here's an album that shows the steps we took before putting them in the molds.

Here's a shot showing the excess epoxy before and after being cleaned up on the lathe:

Here they are drying after being touched up one last time. They're ready now to have the wires soldered on.

Encased in epoxy! Time to wire them up and test them out.

Here's a playlist that shows a mini video series of the process up to this point


What kind of bearings will you use...since you have taken away the original ones?


We are using a bushing instead of a bearing.


Current prototype Aluminum spacer with drain holes and pressed in underwater bushing material iglideĀ® H370.