Marine Science & Technology Foundation


The Marine Science & Technology Foundation is now accepting Expressions of Interest. From their website:

The Marine Science & Technology Foundation (MSTF) supports oceanographic technology research and development projects that demonstrate strong alignment with the Vision and Mission of the Foundation.

Successful proposals will have promise to transform or qualitatively advance oceanographic research technology. Our project selection process favors focused and dynamic teams who possess the core technical expertise and skills necessary to accomplish the proposed R&D efforts. We prefer projects that offer clear and well defined R&D plans focusing on specific innovations to broad high level initiatives comprising multiple objectives. We are interested in supporting innovation that addresses important technological issues with relevance to ocean sciences. We are currently looking for projects with budgets of up to ~$200k and duration of up to 6-12 months. In our experience to date, such projects have been most successful in both meeting the above criteria and delivering on their proposed research plans.

If you have an audacious idea of something you'd like to build or create, working with MSTF might be the right path. You can find out more on their website: