Marianas Trench Google Reviews


If you have a second, I highly encourage you to look at the [Google Reviews for the Mariana Trench] (,1,,) . They are pretty damn funny.Here is a sampling of them.

  1. “I’ve been to better trenches. Although I was impressed by the lack of mud at this trench. I didn’t get dirty at all. No trench stench here.”

  2. "DIt’s not nearly as deep as thought. Kinda like how Stonehenge is way smaller than you think when you see it in real life. I think they need to do some dredging. "

  3. “Worst restaurant I have ever been to. The waitress NEVER visited my table. They should also check their pipes, there’s water all over the place. It was like the Pacific Ocean in there.”

  4. “That’s Soo awesome and I wonder if I’ll be able to make a robot that can help me see in the deepest part of the ocean too:-)”