Mapping keyboard controls to xbox controller:


I just started using an xbox controller to pilot the ROV, and it works well for basic maneuvering. I’d like to map other keyboard controls to it, especially using the triggers to control the aux servo. (lights and lasers would also be nice) I have read posts from the past - like these from 2014 and 2015 - which said to do this by editing javascript files.

Is editing javascript files still the best method to use? (I have a 2.8 running 30.0.3.jessie.204.531b22c)
If so, are the files for the controller still located in these locations?
Which of the .js files is the correct one to edit so as to enable triggers on the xbox controller?


We are finishing up the ability to remap keyboard and gamepad via the UI. You can follow this PR:

I expect it will make it in to the next 31.0.0 beta in the next few days.


Thank you.

Right now the right thumb joystick controls the vertical thruster, but does so using the less-than-intuitive left-right axis. This has flummoxed some of the students who’ve driven the ROV. It will be great to be able to change that to use the forward-backward axis. I also forward to being able to use the lights, laser and aux servo with the game controller.