Making a cheapish underwater webcam?


Hi all!
At my research institute, we have an underwater webcam of which the video quality is really outdated.

A newer system costs something like 20k $, and the video quality is still unimpressive, especially compared to a cheap gopro (even the phone live preview).

Is there a simple way of making a relatively cheap underwater webcam (tethered power and image signal), for example using OpenRov parts?

To be used at ±20 meters depth.



You might want to consider using the Blue Robotics Fathom S tether interface.

Bottom side it has provisions for a NTSC or PAL analog camera and top side it has a RCA jack for analog video output.

To build the cheap underwater camera that you are looking for all you would need is the Fathom S tether interface, an analog camera, some CAT5 cable, a small power supply, and a suitable WTC.