Makers: the New Explorers of the Universe


I published a post on the Make: Blog over the weekend. It's a cumulation of what I've been thinking about over the past few months: makers are the new explorers. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the concept:

“[In] the last century, discovery was basically finding things. And in this century, discovery is basically making things.”

So explained Stewart Brand at the TED conference this past February. He was referring to the National Geographic Society’s rationale for hosting the first-ever meeting on de-extinction — a gathering of scientists and engineers who are using biotechnology to bring back extinct species.

His statement is a bold idea: the future of discovery is about making. In the context of Brand’s talk, however, the message was quickly overshadowed by the even bolder idea that we are close to reviving extinct species. But the “making” statement is worth unpacking. Is it true? What does that mean for discovery? What does that mean for makers?

True discovery — the kind that pushes the species forward — doesn’t get mentioned much in popular culture, or even maker conversations, for that matter. It’s a feature on the Twitter search bar, a television network that hosts Shark Week, or something relegated to research universities and National Geographic. Not something that regular folks like us stop to consider, unless we’re reading an article about some new finding or breakthrough. But maybe it’s time we start.



Well done David - you have it exactly right. I would not have been able to form such a clear picture of what you have written had I not been half way through your book - "Zero to Maker". oROV 471 is on hold until I finish reading it!


I'll second that.

Though ROV# 411 is on hold due to monetary reasons, lol. Too many projects, not enough time or money...