Maker Faire UK 2015 - Big Bang Fair 2015



Just wondering is any OpenROV owners were planning on attending the UK Maker Faire next year (2015) and taking their ROV with them?

I am planning on attending with a small underwater robot (or 3), and wondered if a combined space would be of interest? Maybe with a smallish water tank?

Also, whilst on the subject - I'm also going to the Big Bang Fair 2015 (March - 11th to 14th) and if any ROVers fancied showing off their robots then you're welcome to join our stand - we'll have a water tank (of some sort ) there to show off, to the attending school children, in.




Hi Barry:

May I know the date for 2015 fair ?




Dates are:

- The Maker Faire is April 25th - 26th 2015 -

- Big Bang Fair is March 11th - 14th 2015 -




Quick update - I've put an exhibit application in for a stand and a water tank - assuming we're accepted - if anyone fancies playing with their OpenROV (or other ROV) then let me know / feel free to pop along and say hi.