Maker Faire NYC + National Geographic


Eric and I spent the afternoon at the National Geographic HQ in Washington DC. They invited us to give a presentation about OpenROV, followed by a number of meetings brainstorming how OpenROV (and citizen science tools in general) could augment researchers in the field. We soaked up as much feedback as possible.

We made the trip to DC following a wonderful weekend at World Maker Faire in NYC. As always, it was great to meet so many new people and show them the robot. We were also really excited to meet so many kickstarter backers and show them the kit they will be getting in the mail in just a few weeks. Everyone seemes excited to get building.

Here's the latest OpenROV (with the new cape - more on that in the next post!!).

Eric showing the ROVs to Fabio Amador, our gracious host for the day.

Mike, part of NatGeo's Remote Imaging Lab, showed us some of their awesome toys, including this sun sphere. We gained a whole new respect for the importance of great lighting in underwater video, and are already cooking up some DIY solutions.


Fantastic...can't wait!


Oh, wow, how cool that must have been, hanging out in the depths of NG's toystore!!!

Almost getting jealous here! ;-)