Make trident app able to use Android phone powered VR goggles

Everybody here who uses an ROV in the daytime has to deal with the sun glaring on their screen. Poor visibility makes for a poor piloting experience. Screen shrouds can work, but let’s be honest, they’re not great.

Why can’t the piloting app be made “VR compatible”? You know those VR goggles that you put your phone inside? Have the app behave like a cinema viewing app, where the screen is the same per eye (not 3d). Yes, it will half your phone’s resolution by splitting the screen in two, but at least you will see it. Without blocking stray light, an 8k screen isn’t going to do you any good viewing in the noon day sun! Some clever coding of the two screens could even reduce the perception of the resolution reduction…

What needs to be done to the piloting app to make this happen?

Just use the usb/hdmi output from your android device, such as JXD, as a feed into your VR goggles.

I also think it would be great if this VR compatibility was offered with the Pilot App but I don’t have my hopes up that it will ever be offered. My solution to achieving a quality daytime piloting experience is an Nvidea Shield K1 tablet (has HDMI out) paired with the Headplay HD SE goggles. They are about as cheap as you can get and the goggles are surprisingly comfortable although can be a bit hot in the summer but tend not to fog up for me. By turning the brightness down on the tablet the whole way it saves a ton of battery but it is still full brightness in the goggles, just a tip.

tablet on ebay:

goggles on ebay:

Daylight-visible screens exist, for those unaware. They’re called transflective - and are often on “rugged” PCs and tablets.

Thanks balder.matt

This is good information. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 finally succumbed to the elements and no longer works so I am now looking for the next best alternative. A set of HDMI goggles seems like the best way forward at this stage…even my S2 with its daylight viewable Super AMOLED screen was no match for the harsh Australian sunlight. My old Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a great device for its size and my newer S10+ is also a great device however screen size does seem to make a difference.