Make the motors slower


I am trying to get the motors to spin much slower how would i go about doing that… in the esc calibration or in the code itself.

Even on thrust factor 1 its far to quick i want a crawl if possible

Thanks People!


If you’re using a gamepad with your OpenROV, you can see for yourself the slowest speed that the motors can run- with thrust factor 1 set, just push one of the sticks until a motor starts, and then see how fast the motor is running. If this speed is too fast for your needs, there’s not a whole lot you’re going to be able to do about it, since the ESC will not properly commutate at slower speeds.

ESCs can be made to run slower, by driving the motor in a fashion akin to a stepper motor. On the upcoming Trident, we do this at slow motor speeds to enhance the slow-speed controllability of the ROV. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of such an operating mode for the AfroESCs (and their accompanying SimonK firmware) that we use on the OpenROV 2.x units.