Make non-Xbox 360 gamepads work with OpenROV Cockpit


I bought a (cheap) Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4 gamepad (a PC gamepad in with Xbox-style controls) to control the OpenROV via the cockpit software running on a Google Chrome browser on my Windows 7 netbook, but it didn't work initially. After some googeling, I found out that Google Chrome comes with an implementation of the gamepad JavaScript API that supports only Microsoft's XInput API. While XBox 360 gamepads support XInput natively, most PC gamepads rely on the (older) DirectInput API and therefore won't work with Chrome.

Luckily, I found an open source project addressing exactly this issue, called x360ce. It integrates perfectly with Chrome. Just make sure to run the DirectX Web Installer before installing x360ce, install x360ce in the Chrome installation directory and run it from there for configuration. After restarting Chrome, the gamepad should work with the OpenROV cockpit. I also found that it is necessary to push one of the gamepad buttons while loading the cockpit software so that the gamepad is recognized.




This is awesome! I'm going to try it tomorrow with my Logitech gamepad.

Thanks for the great link!