Maiden fllight


Hi all

Thought I'd share a few videos from my first flights and some of my experiences. The fellow following the ROV with the pole actually has a gopro camera on the end. We had hoped to get some underwater shots however the camera was set to single shot so none of this turned out. I'm the guy with the crazy helmet. We have another camera on this to hopefully get some screen shots. We were challenged with this because of the daylight and you'll notice our temporary solution of the cardboard box. In the future we are going to purchase some video glasses and a joystick to solve this problem. Has anyone else tried this solution and if so which glasses did you purchase?

The tether seemed to work quite well. Its hard to see but it is noticeably more buoyant in salt water then in fresh water. Also you can see it doesn't seem to tangle. I will post the specs and where to purchase this when i can dig up the receipt. Also not too noticeable was that the ROV didn’t seem to track in a straight line. I don’t know if this is a motor problem or a calibration issue but one motor is definitely stronger than the other.

I haven't posted like this before so I hope the videos come out. We slipped in some quad copter shots as well. I hope you enjoy the videos and I welcome your comments.

Dave Hinton


great video I also enjoyed watching the Quad , oh my another toy that I must have :)


Nice videos! Also great aerial footage. Need to rebuild my tricopter to do film a bit as well ;)